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Find The Best Schools in San Diego County

Below is a complete list of schools in San Diego, with details about each school.  Detailed information is provided so that you can read all about the best San Diego schools.  The details include the school, the school district, the name of the school principal, and the school contact information.  We show you how many students are currently enrolled in each grade level. Also see how many teachers are employed, along with the student-teacher ratio and average class sizes. View the school demographics, including gender and ethnic diversity. Financial information includes the average expenditure for each student enrolled in the school, and the number of students who receive free lunches. You will find the best schools in San Diego listed here.

Additional San Diego School Information

We make it easy for you to research San Diego schools. The address and phone number of each school is provided so that you can contact the school administration directly. The locations of the schools are clearly marked on a map.  We’ve also provided links to each school website where you can get additional information about the schools. The individual school websites have the school calendars, recent test scores, calendars of events and more. All of the San Diego schools do a great job of maintaining websites for use by their students and the public.

Some of the “San Diego schools” listed here are outside of the San Diego Unified School District.  One of the best school districts in San Diego is the Poway Unified School District.  The Poway schools serve Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo, and Poway.  Another great school district is the San Dieguito high school district which serves Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Rancho Santa Fe.  Each of these communities has their own elementary schools. Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and Solana Beach each have a single public elementary school.  Carmel Valley more than a dozen elementary schools.  All of them feed into Torrey Pines High School, which many people consider the best public high school in San Diego.

Private schools in San Diego are also included here.  The private schools include a host of both religious and secular schools.  The Bishop’s School in La Jolla is an Episcopal school with an incredible reputation. Cathedral Catholic in Carmel Valley is another private school that gets great reviews. And charter schools are another option. Check out High Tech High in Point Loma.  Children from across San Diego County travel to High Tech high to participate in its very unique high school curriculum.

The quality of the local schools is an important factor when buying a home. Whether or not you have children, schools affect the value of your San Diego real estate investment. San Diego schools are very diverse, with varying student-teacher ratios, test performance, and graduations rates. The best San Diego schools are well supported by the communities they serve. Active participation by the parents and local business leaders is vital to a school’s success. The San Diego Realty Pros agents make it our business to stay informed about the quality of the schools in the neighborhoods we serve. We will direct you to the best schools in San Diego.