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The Beach Barber Tract is in South Central La Jolla, just outside The Village.  Beach Barber real estate is cherished for its proximity to Windansea Beach. The Beach Barber tract has mostly single-family houses, with a few condominiums and multi-unit beach bungalows in the mix.  Larger houses for sale in La Jolla’s Beach Barber Tract sell in the tens of millions.  Proximity to the beach and ocean views are very important in determining values.  There are houses for sale in the Beach Barber Tract that have been untouched for decades, and there are also brand new homes that have replaced older homes.  There are no vacant lots in the area, so new Beach Barber real estate development is limited to renovations and tear-downs of older homes.

La Jolla beach properties are highly desirable, especially when within walking distance to the sand.  The Beach Barber tract area homes are within walking distance to Windansea Beach (6800 Neptune Place).  The Windansea Beach is a popular La Jolla CA beach destination for tourists and residents of San Diego County as a whole.  Like most of La Jolla, the scenery is beautiful.  The surf breaks are great due to the sprawling underwater reefs.

The shoreline of Windansea Beach in the Beach Barber Tract is pristine sandstone rock with caves overhangs.  Be careful if you sit near the sandstone walls at any San Diego beach location.  Rocks and debris can often tumble down from great heights.  Standing too close to the edge of cliff tops is also not recommended.  It seems like every year one of the cliffs gives way and injures or kills a San Diego beach goer.

Another hazard to watch out for at Windansea Beach in La Jolla is the shore break.  The beaches have steep grades down into the water, and the breaking waves pound the shoreline.  Sitting or laying down in the break area is not recommended.  The waves break with great force and can cause serious injury.  Coastal commission zoning has made every effort to make sure that Beach Barber tract real estate is not affected by the surf.  Houses for sale in the La Jolla Beach Barber Tract enjoy ocean views without significant risk of damage.

Directions to get to La Jolla Windansea Beach from North County San Diego, driving south on Interstate 5, take La Jolla Village Drive westbound to Torrey Pines Road.  Turn right when you get to Pearl Street.  At La Jolla Blvd. turn left, and right again at Nautilus. The public parking lot at Windansea Beach only has 18 spaces.  So parking is tight.  Visitors generally park in front of houses in La Jolla to access the beaches.  Beware of parking meters and no-parking signs.  The meter readers in La Jolla are quite active.

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