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La Jolla Village condos & beach cottages.

Nothing in San Diego compares to the lifestyle that Jolla Village real estate offers. Residents of homes in La Jolla Village enjoy walking distance to wide range of upscale restaurants, clubs, and some of the best beaches in San Diego.  La Jolla village real estate includes houses and condos in a variety of styles and price ranges.   There are large oceanfront homes in La Jolla Village that sell in the tens of millions.  There are also small beach cottages with values starting at around a million and up.  Condos in La Jolla Village are available from the 500,000’s and up.  So whatever your price range, there are homes in La Jolla Village that will likely fit your needs.

View of La Jolla Cove from La Jolla Shores

Here are some of the best amenities surrounding the La Jolla Village real estate developments.  On the West side of the of the Village is The Children’s Pool (850 Coast Boulevard), which is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. The Children’s Pool is a swimming area, sometimes shared with the local sea lions.  This swimming beach in La Jolla is small and protected.  A seawall partially blocks the incoming Pacific ocean waves.  The harbor seals sit on the seawall, largely oblivious to the stares and picture-taking of the passers by.
The Children’s Pool is a gorgeous example of Southern California coastline.  The views from the adjacent La Jolla Village homes are incredible, and the sunsets are magnificent. Smaller nearby beaches include Shell Beach to the North and Wipeout beach to the South toward Birdrock.  Surfing in the area is excellent.  But surfers need to be careful to paddle out past the shoals and be careful when exiting the water.

La Jolla Cove, located at the north end of the village of La Jolla, is a well-known attraction for both San Diego residents and tourists to the area.  The Cove is shielded from the rough Pacific Ocean waves.  The Cove overlooks La Jolla Shores to the North.  Swimmers and scuba divers enjoy the easy access from the soft sandy beach leading to the deep-water right offshore.  The San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve prohibits fishing, and is a great place to enjoy all of the ocean aquatic life of Southern California.

At the top of the Cove, there are numerous restaurants and shops lining the streets leading to La Jolla Village.  Visitors can enjoy a great ocean view from Brockton Villa (1235 Coast Blvd.), an older La Jolla home, a circa 1894 beach cottage, that has been transformed into a quaint eating establishment.  Another nearby tourist attraction is the La Jolla Cave Store, a knick-knack shop that also has a man-made tunnel leading down to the water.  It is an extremely rare sea cave which curiously ends in the basement of an old La Jolla house!  There is nothing like La Jolla Village real estate in all of California.

La Jolla Village residents also enjoy easy access to the shops, art galleries, and restaurants in the Village.  After a good meal, many people decide to walk along the coast through Ellen Browning Scripps Park.  This beautiful shoreline park is a favorite for San Diego weddings and family gatherings.  Take a break from the La Jolla art galleries and shopping to relax in this spacious La Jolla park where protected harbor seals play and bask in the sun.

Parking in and around The Village is limited.  La Jolla Village real estate with multiple parking spots is preferred. When parking on the street, be careful of the parking meters… they allow a maximum of three hours per parking space and the meter readers are very active in the area.  Park a few blocks away on a residential street where there are no parking meters.

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