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School children and young adults in San Diego County have just wrapped up another school year. It’s an exciting time as the kids anticipate summer fun and relaxation after much hard work. It’s also time for parents to receive the year-end report cards and progress reports, which can also give rise to all sorts of excitement! That happened to me when my 6-year-old son presented his 1st Grade progress report along with a monthly journal that he’d been keeping at school. I hadn’t seen this writing journal, and there is an entry from November 2008 that I want to share.

When asked “What is something that a special person does for you for which you are thankful?” he wrote the following: “I am thankful for God because He gives us good food to eat, like milk and bread and other things. I’m also thankful for the beautiful sky, and trees, and grass, and all the other things that God gives us. Halladays like Hallaween and the fourth of July.” (That’s very touching as far as his father is concerned.)

I’d like to give a great deal of the credit for this childlike wisdom to my friends at St. Peter’s in Del Mar who have helped put the love of God into my son’s heart. I know he didn’t learn this at public school! I honestly believe that my home-away-from home in Del Mar CA has played a major, positive role in my child’s development.

A similar impression was made by one of the recent high school graduates who gave a graduation speech to the St. Peter’s congregation on June 7. I was struck by the confidence and grace that she displayed as she described her experiences as a youth and high school student. To summarize this young lady’s more eloquent words, St. Peter’s played a big role in her development as a child and as a young adult. I’m confident that my children will absorb the same sorts of lessons, ethics, and moral courage in the coming years as members of the St. Peter’s congregation.

St. Peter’s is a lovely small wooden church built in the early 20th Century, with a small campus of buildings enjoying ocean views and cool Pacific breezes. Anne-Paige is doing a wonderful job as the Children & Young Families Minister at St. Peter’s. The volunteers who teach our Sunday school classes all incredibly gifted. I give my heartfelt endorsement of the St. Peter’s children’s ministries, and I’d like to invite other families to bring their children into this loving atmosphere. The congregation includes people from all walks of life, including residents of Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Rancho Penasquitos, University City, La Jolla, and just about every part of San Diego County.

Vacation bible school will be held at St. Peter’s in Del Mar from July 13 to July 17 on the lovely ocean-view parish grounds at 334 Fourteenth Street. This will be a relaxed and fun-filled week for the kids to socialize and hopefully learn a thing or two about God. But the main point is that the kids will experience a supportive environment and start building relationships that will last a lifetime. Find out more by calling the St. Peter’s receptionist at 858-755-1616.

Whether you rent or own homes in San Diego, and regardless of your job position, prior church affiliations, or feelings about religion in general, you are welcome to come to St. Peter’s. You’ll find that the people who meet here in Del Mar are welcoming, nurturing, compassionate, and giving of their time, treasures, and talents. Pay a visit and before long you’ll likely be calling Del Mar your home too, regardless of where your house or apartment may be.

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