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Del Mar luxury homes are very rare, extremely valuable, and heavily sought after by those who have the resources to afford them. This is not to say that there are many (or any) undesirable homes in Del Mar CA. It’s just that Del Mar is a very small community, only 2 square miles, adjacent to a clean and gorgeous beachfront. The 15th Street Beach was recently named the 4th Best Beach in the World in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 best beaches.

Del Mar has just over 2,000 households, with a total population of less than 5,000 people. The neighborhood has always been home to celebrities. Brad Pitt was “rumored” to have purchased a beachfront home in Del Mar in 2005, for $18 Million. (IF it’s true, we’re glad to have you in the neighborhood Brad and Angelina!) Other owners of Del Mar luxury homes have included Lucile Ball and Dezi Arnaz, Steve Perry of the band Journey, sports stars, and a host of successful business people.

One thing that makes Del Mar so unique is the small-town atmosphere. Even though Del Mar is a suburb right in the middle of San Diego County, it feels like its own little world. People are friendly, with a less ostentatious air than you’ll find in most San Diego luxury homes communities, or in upscale communities anywhere in the United States. It is a true “village” with its own mayor and city council in a clean and family-friendly location.

There is just one church in Del Mar Village, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, a small century-old wooden parish with a warm and welcoming congregation. The newest rector at St. Peters, the Reverend Paige Blaire, has just arrived from Maine and will give her first sermon on Sunday May 31 2009. Reverend Blaire gained her own sort of celebrity status by helping develop the U2Charist, a worship service set to music by pop star Bono of U2. Reverend Blaire is accompanied by her husband, Gene; and U2 will definitely not be performing… but all are welcome to attend!

The other obvious thing that makes Del Mar luxury homes so desirable is the weather and natural beauty of the place. As I’ve said many times before, San Diego is a place with many microclimates. And while most people think of Southern California as a hot place, that is not always true. Del Mar has a constant breeze of fresh air off the cold Pacific Ocean. At many times of the year, and even in May and June, it is actually quite chilly in Del Mar; that is… chilly by San Diego standards. Temperatures can drop into the 50’s during the winter and into the 60’s during late spring and early summer when the coastal marine layer (a nice name for “fog”) rolls in. The fog usually burns off during the day. But even when it is sunny and clear, temperatures rarely rise above the high 70’s or low 80’s on the hottest days.

Anyone thinking of buying a luxury home in San Diego should give serious thought to settling down in Del Mar.

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  1. It’s all true!! No wonder I love it so much…did you say, “…the 4th best beach in the world” (says Time magazine)??!! …and with a village feel(maybe even an English village)?? Yes, it is so true, and so lovely!! And, I can vouch for the caring community that is St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, for families…for one and all! You are most welcome; introduce yourself to us…give us a try (:

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