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Loan Mods Slow as Foreclosures Rise

With the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars that have been poured into the banks in recent months, it seems reasonable to ask whether the money is being used for the intended purposes. One of the big objectives of the Obama Administration has been to encourage the banks to modify loans for homeowners in financial […]

San Diego Real Estate Prices Part1

Rancho Penasquitos I cringe when I read the newspaper or hear a report on the TV or radio that gives a median home price or average house price for San Diego County. This is a large and diverse area. San Diego home sales differ between neighborhoods almost as much as the San Diego terrains and […]

Buying San Diego Foreclosures

It seems almost every day I am asked about the difference between short sales and foreclosures, and to explain them.  I thought I would do that here, and also throw in some tips for anyone considering trying to buy a San Diego foreclosure property or short sale. In this post I’ll start with foreclosures. Most […]

Overbidding On Houses

It’s hard for many people to believe that in this “down market” there is so much upward pressure on prices.  This is not to say that home prices have not come down in the past few years.  Nor am I suggesting that there aren’t some incredible bargains available today.  But many prospective home buyers call and ask me whether it […]

San Diego Real Estate Deals

Where Are The Best Deals In San Diego Real Estate? The best real estate deals right now are bank-owned foreclosure properties (REO’s) and other distress sales known as “Short Sales” (pre-foreclosure). But those aren’t the only good deals available to home buyers. There are also very good deals to be negotiated with private sellers who […]