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Flipping San Diego Foreclosures

Buying and selling foreclosure properties can mean quick profits. Foreclosed homes in San Diego and throughout the U.S. are typically sold at prices from 15% to 40% below market value. So buying foreclosures can bring instant equity to a real estate investment. The amount of the discount depends upon the nature and timing of the […]

Condos Houses Sale Prices May 2010

Following up on the prior post about San Diego homes sale prices moving up, the May numbers were as expected. San Diego real estate prices continue the rising trend.  MDA Dataquick reports that in May 2010 the median price of a house in San Diego County was $340,000.  This is up 4.5% from the month […]

San Diego Homes Sale Prices Up

The San Diego real estate market has greatly improved in 2010.  San Diego homes sale prices are up double-digits from year ago levels, led by resale houses and condos.  Surveys of home builders and consumers are showing a return to confidence.  The San Diego economy is again proving its resilience. According to DataQuick, the median […]

Pre Foreclosure Sale In Point Loma

When the value of a home drops below the value of the outstanding mortgage debt, it is a tough position for a home owner who needs to sell. Many home owners simply walk away and let the bank foreclose on the property. Foreclosures are devastating, not only because of the loss of the home, but […]

California Home Buyer Tax Credit!

This news is just in, and it’s great news for prospective buyers of San Diego homes!  The California legislature has acted again to provide a $10,000 tax credit to first-time home buyers and to purchasers of new construction.  It is a powerful move to further strengthen the real estate market in the state.  The $8,000 […]

MIA San Diego Foreclosure Properties

Last week the San Diego Association of Realtors hosted their annual regional real estate summit, where National Association of Realtors economist Lawrence Yun was the keynote speaker. Mr. Yun’s address sent mixed signals. He began by saying on the one hand that he thought that the media has overstated the extent of the positive news […]

SanDiego Real Estate Prices Up Again

The San Diego real estate statistics were released this week for July 2009 and, as expected, San Diego has now experienced six months of upward movement of median home prices. The median price of a home in San Diego bottomed out at $280,000 in January 2009. Prices have risen or remained flat in every month […]

San Diego Home Prices Cut $59M ?

San Diego homes for sale average price reduction is 10% and 18% of listings are reduced from original asking price, Trulia reports. San Diego ranks 45 out of 50 cities by Trulia with regard to percentage of homes for sale with price reductions.

Loan Mods Slow as Foreclosures Rise

With the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars that have been poured into the banks in recent months, it seems reasonable to ask whether the money is being used for the intended purposes. One of the big objectives of the Obama Administration has been to encourage the banks to modify loans for homeowners in financial […]

San Diego Real Estate Prices Part1

Rancho Penasquitos I cringe when I read the newspaper or hear a report on the TV or radio that gives a median home price or average house price for San Diego County. This is a large and diverse area. San Diego home sales differ between neighborhoods almost as much as the San Diego terrains and […]