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San Diego Houses Sold 2011 – Year End Summary

The San Diego real estate market has shown signs of stability in 2011.  The number of San Diego houses sold in the twelve months ending December 29, 2011 increased slightly over the same period in 2010.  The average sale price was down slightly, and the average amount of time required to sell a home in […]


San Diego Short Sales Even though short sales in San Diego have been a common practice for the past few years, they are still quite a mystery to many home buyers. Some buyers confuse short sales with foreclosures. A lot is left to the Realtors, short sale listing experts, and some of agents who take […]

Short Sales Home Mortgage Defaults

The rate of real estate mortgage defaults has dropped in San Diego County, and nationwide, in April 2010.  Short sales of San Diego homes, successful loan modifications, and an improved outlook for the San Diego real estate market are all contributing factors.  San Diego foreclosures rose slightly during the month, but the number of San […]

Pre Foreclosure Sale In Point Loma

When the value of a home drops below the value of the outstanding mortgage debt, it is a tough position for a home owner who needs to sell. Many home owners simply walk away and let the bank foreclose on the property. Foreclosures are devastating, not only because of the loss of the home, but […]

San Diego Real Estate Prices Part1

Rancho Penasquitos I cringe when I read the newspaper or hear a report on the TV or radio that gives a median home price or average house price for San Diego County. This is a large and diverse area. San Diego home sales differ between neighborhoods almost as much as the San Diego terrains and […]

Buying Short Sale Properties

BUYING A SHORT SALE PROPERTY: In my last post I talked about San Diego foreclosures and the process for buying foreclosure properties. This time I will discuss short sales and the process of buying short sale properties in San Diego. A property that is sold as a “short sale” is one where the seller owes […]

Tax Consequences of Short Sales

One of the unfortunate facts about the current San Diego real estate market is that more than half of the homes for sale in most areas are short-sales. In a short sale situation, the home owner is seeking to sell the house, and the sale will net less to the home owner than the owner […]

Distress Over REO’s and Short Sales

San Diego home buyers are sick and tired of the run-around that they are getting from the banks with foreclosure sales and short-sales. The buyer sentiment about these “distress sales”, combined with a low level of inventory of homes for sale in San Diego, has given rise to new hope among prospective home sellers. Bank-owned […]

Rancho Penasquitos Homes Selling

It seems like all we hear in the news is how depressed the real estate market is and how nothing is selling.  I sifted through all of the 68 active listings today in the 92129 Rancho Penasquitos zip code and found just a wee bit over half are distressed sales.  Distressed sales = REOs/Bank owned […]

San Diego Real Estate Deals

Where Are The Best Deals In San Diego Real Estate? The best real estate deals right now are bank-owned foreclosure properties (REO’s) and other distress sales known as “Short Sales” (pre-foreclosure). But those aren’t the only good deals available to home buyers. There are also very good deals to be negotiated with private sellers who […]