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Oceanfront Luxury Homes Sale San DiegoThe best lifestyles in Southern California are here in San Diego County.  San Diego luxury homes include beachfront homes, horse properties, tennis estates, and residential compounds with multiple houses and guest quarters.  Unique, upscale homes are found throughout San Diego county. Personal preferences mean everything when searching for San Diego luxury homes for sale.  Some neighborhoods like Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla have large gated estates that offer complete privacy. For people who like a bit less seclusion,  beachfront houses in Del Mar and Coronado will typically have less land, but enjoy gorgeous ocean views and beach access.

San Diego County offers the ideal location and environment for just about everyone. Most people think of the obvious Southern California attractions, which are the local weather and beaches. But the weather and the landscape in the region differs from neighborhood to neighborhood. For those who prefer cool weather, the coastal luxury home neighborhoods of La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Coronado are the places to be. Beach homes in these neighborhoods can be downright chilly (as low as 60 degrees!) when the coastal fog or “marine layer” collects in May and June. And even when the sun is shining for the rest of the year, the cool breeze off the Pacific Ocean keeps the thermometer at the “room temperature” of 72 to 76 degrees from the end of June through December. There are really only a handful of what locals call very hot days (up to 80 or even 85 degrees!) during the year along the coast in San Diego.

Rancho Santa Fe Estates

For those who like it a bit warmer, luxury homes in Rancho Santa Fe are slightly further inland. Coastal fog is not an issue in Rancho Santa Fe, yet the cool breezes still blow in from the ocean, maintaining what most people consider the “ideal climate.” It is sunny most days of the year, but rarely hot. A great number of the Rancho Santa Fe estates are horse properties. Many home owners in The Ranch enjoy polo or one of the many other equestrian activities at local riding clubs. There are also numerous private country clubs and golf clubs to choose from.

Rancho Santa Fe EstatesMoving a bit further inland, it can begin to get quite warm in some of the more eastern luxury home neighborhoods. The newer neighborhoods of Santa Luz, Del Sur, and the Crosby Estates are only about 10 miles from the coast, but the environment is much more arid than it is on the coast. Santa Luz, for example, is a planned community of executive and estate homes where xeriscaping is required (only native plants, which here means desert plants with low water needs). The result is a breathtaking atmosphere that many consider the best luxury home environment in the Southwest. Estates in Santa Luz, Del Sur, and The Crosby are perched on hills with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and golf courses. These neighborhoods each have their own private amenities, including swim clubs, golf clubs and country clubs.

Luxury homes and estates are also found in the more rural Northern and Eastern parts of the county. Land prices are lower in the rural areas, so some of these estates span hundreds of acres. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Rancho Santa Fe estates at half the price in Southwest Escondido. Many of the rural estates have avocado groves, citrus orchards, or wine vineyards. Often these upscale properties extend from the valleys all the way to the top of boulder-encrusted mountains. Some luxury homes have views all the way to the ocean as far as 20 or 30 miles to the West. And even from these back-country estates and ranches, Interstate 15 provides direct access to downtown San Diego and the International Airport in as little as 30 or 40 minutes. This is still an easy commute by most standards.

There is no better place to indulge sophisticated tastes for fine living. Luxury homes for sale in San Diego CA are emblems of success and trophies of high achievers. Famous celebrities, CEO’s, investment bankers, successful entrepreneurs, and many well known families reside either full or part-time in one or more of the luxury home neighborhoods in the area.  For help finding the San Diego luxury homes that will best suit your needs, contact the San Diego Realty Pros at 619-200-7612.  Geoffrey Schiering, J.D./M.B.A. Broker/Realtor.


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