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To sell San Diego luxury homes, networking with other top Realtors is one of the best strategies for success.  People who buy upscale houses in Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, and Carmel Valley, or multi-million dollar San Diego beachfront homes expect great service.  And there are only a handful of us in the San Diego real estate business who can deliver that kind of world-class service.  Great service depends not only upon dependable systems and support, but also upon relationships with other real estate professionals.

Geoff Schiering with Josh Altman of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing”

For the past 12 years the San Diego Real Estate Pros, Geoff and Anne-Marie Schiering at Keller Williams Realty, have made it our business to know the right San Diego Realtors.  Our relationships are based upon mutual trust and respect. When we list San Diego luxury homes for sale, we immediately contact the top real estate agents in Southern California to let them know the features and benefits of the properties we have listed.  And they do the same for us.  These relationships allow us to bring you information about the best homes at the best prices.  The top San Diego Realtors move in the same circles.  And there is a reason for that.  We need each other. Especially when selling San Diego luxury homes.

Geoff Schiering with Josh Flagg of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing”

If you are considering buying or selling San Diego luxury homes or other San Diego real estate, call us at (800) 955-6463 or visit us on the web at  Let us explain how social networking and telemarketing to other powerful San Diego real estate professionals in the area brings proven results.  We consistently sell homes for more money and in less time than almost any other San Diego Realtors.

Whether you need to sell San Diego luxury homes or more modest houses or condominiums, when you go with The Schiering Team at Keller Williams, the San Diego Real Estate professionals, every listing is a “Million Dollar Listing!”

The Schiering Team Keller Williams Realty

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  1. Geoff, you should let people know just how much more work a luxury listing is—-especially how much longer it is normally listed before it sells. Typically here in Las Vegas luxury homes in the millions are listed for at least six months before they are sold, but usually its over a year.

  2. It’s nice to have the right allies, especially when it helps so many clients get a property into escrow quickly and smoothly. I like how you think out of the box and I’m sure your careers will only get better.

  3. What’s the ratio of San Diego luxury homes in regards to foreclosures vs. non-foreclosures? I moved to TX from Las Vegas about 2 years ago and i know in Vegas you can find properties that sold for 2 million+ on the market for around 800k maybe even less. With that being said, sellers who aren’t behind on payments that try to sell their properties have some very stiff competition.

    1. There aren’t as many luxury home foreclosures in San Diego than there are in other U.S. markets. We have some, but most luxury home sellers are doing short sales prior to foreclosure. Either way, there are some great deals to be had right now!

  4. I totally agree, it is vital to have relationships with other luxury real estate agents in your area to make the sale happen. Congrats!

  5. Hey guys, this is really nice to know about you. And I do agree with you that it’s always very essential to have good relations with professional real estate agents if you want to buy or sell properties with a profitable price.

    1. It certainly is Rick. So I’m glad to know you. Let me know if any of your Florida clients want to escape the heat and get a home in San Diego. I can do the same for you. I helped one of my clients sell a home in San Diego last month and they moved to Palm Beach.

  6. It is also very important to build good relationships among other real estate professionals in order to widen and promote healthy marketing ties. Competent agents helps develop the business. I totally agree!

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